KAFCAM has chosen to NOT be an independent 501-c3 nonprofit at this time to save time and money. We do not want to compete for funding with our members and partners. Therefore, Fellowship Church has humbly allowed us to set up a fund code for KAFCAM in their budget. The funds are “restricted” and cannot be used for anything other than KAFCAM expenses.
Donations to KAFCAM will be used to help fund local meetings, trainings, and conference. We currently have no paid staff. The leadership team are volunteers.

To donate, give online or make your check payable to “Fellowship Church Knoxville” and put “KAFCAM 961” in the memo line.

You can mail it to:
Fellowship Church Knoxville
Attention: Accounting
8000 Middlebrook Pike
Knoxville, TN 37909

All contributions to KAFCAM are tax deductible to the maximum extent permitted by law.