Not everyone is called to have a child in their home but every believer  in Christ is called to “defend the orphan”- Isaiah 1:17

Encourage your family, small group, business or Sunday school class to partner with you in one of these tangible ways. Let your children be involved in loving and serving with you.

  • Pray
  • Donate time and resources:    Get Creative. Do yard-work for an international adoptive family while they are abroad, offer to take pictures at an airport homecoming, go grocery shopping for them, offer transportation to an appointment or therapy session.
  • Fundraise: Host a garage sale, bake sale, pancake breakfast, spaghetti dinner or dinner at Brown bag, etc. for the family
  • Get Involved in a local ministry serving adoptive and foster families, birth families, aged out youth or social workers.
    • Compassion Closet: ministry that exists to provide quick-turn assistance to foster, kinship, adoptive, and other families in the Knoxville area.  Partnering with Matthew 19:14 Ministries and the Knoxville branch of The Forgotten Initiative.The Compassion Closet is a division of Community Life Concepts. Contact Julie Gillen at
    • The Empty Cup– “a community-driven, adoption-focused, non-profit coffeehouse in Knoxville.”
    • The Forgotten Initiative– “mobilizing and Equipping the Body of Christ to serve, mentor, and support the foster care community. A ministry of Lifesong for Orphans
    • Fostering Hope TN– “designated to support, advocate, and promote improved foster and adoptive care for children in state’s custody.”
    • Matthew 19:14 Ministries-” help supply foster families with  items needed to take care of children in foster care. Items  range from car seats, cribs and beds, swings, bouncers, exersaucers, pack and plays, toys, clothing, etc.”
    • Transfiguring Adoption– “develops media resources that nurture growth in foster-adoptive families.”
    • City of Refuge, Inc– “is a non-profit organization that seeks to help the broken and left out find hope and wholeness through art and community.”